Credit & Debt Counseling

Free professional counseling for those unsure of their financial options

At ADVANTAGE we can help you answer your financial questions. One of our certified, trained, professional counselors will offer you individual, confidential advice on developing a budget, managing your money, using credit wisely and building a more stable financial future. Our counselors will review with you the 5 options for debt repayment and how those options may apply to you. If direct intervention is needed on your behalf with your creditors then our counselor will review the benefits of a debt repayment plan.

An ADVANTAGE debt management plan (DMP) is designed to help those individuals and families that are overextended. The ADVANTAGE DMP is a proven systematic way to reduce your outstanding debt through monthly deposits, which in turn are disbursed to your creditors for amounts negotiated with you creditors by ADVANTAGE. ADVANTAGE works with its clients and their creditors to tailor a DMP that will reduce the monthly payments, interest and other fees, providing a confidentially managed plan that fits within our client’s budget.

By getting help the ADVANTAGE way you may benefit from reduced or waived finance charges, stopped over-the-limit and late fees and fewer collection calls, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on the better things in life while reducing the stress that is associated with high debt.

Beginning a DMP with ADVANTAGE will also get you out of debt much faster than you would on your own. With reduced interest rates and one constant deposit amount an ADVANTAGE DMP can subtract years off of your overall term of repayment.

If you want our help in stopping collector calls and dropping interest rates, if you want peace of mind knowing that you have a plan to get out of debt, let ADVANTAGE help you today with a free counseling session.

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ADMA is licensed to provide Credit Counseling and Debt Management Plans in the following states. If
your state is not listed and you would like a referral to a licensed agency in your area please call us at
877-245-5435. Florida, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio.